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Windows of Wisdom: Gazing into the Soul’s Knowledge

Akashic Records are like the Life ChatGPT of the universe in which every intention, thought and behavior is recorded into the central Akashic Records database for every soul since each soul’s conception on this earth.

Here are 10 quotes from the wisdom of Akashic Records that I would like to share with you this week:

  1. Everything is constantly changing. A prediction result made for a person today does not necessarily indicate that the person would get the same answer a year from now.

  2. Steadiness of the mind is the source of all wealth.

  3. Be yourself. Don’t worry about what worldly people say or think, as they tend to use frames to limit themselves. It does not mean that you should do the same.

  4. When it comes to relationships, frequency is of utmost importance. Then it is to meet the right person at the right time.

  5. The most important challenge in life is to overcome the obstacle known as yourself.

  6. The balance of one’s life depends on the balance of one’s mind.

  7. Wherever you put your focus, you will reap the reward.

  8. Live in the present moment, everything will present itself when the right time comes.

  9. It is important to acknowledge your work, even if you just created something that no one else will appreciate at the moment, at least you have done your parts and that is all it matters right now.

  10. Whenever you are ready to let yourself go, you could restart at any moment. You are not the past and you are not the future. Every second is redefining itself, it is a reset.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! =D

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