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Cultivating Love, Confidence, and Letting Go: A Journey to Self-Discovery

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Hello everyone! My name is Yugala.

Starting this month, I have officially finished my Akashic Record Teacher Training course!

I know I haven’t really been posting too many contents related to Akashic Records these days.

Many new clients have expressed their interest in seeing some customer feedback and stories. So, with the consent of the clients, I will start updating some customer feedback and stories from time to time.

It’s very gratifying to witness everyone’s growth over time and I truly am grateful for your trust in Akashic Records and in me!

Note: The below information is translated from its original language to English so the flow might not be the best compared to its original language.

Client Feedback:

I’ve been in touch with the Akashic Records and Yugala for about a year or two, at least I’ve recorded more than thirty times that I can remember, not to mention the ones I didn’t record. I estimate there are more than fifty or sixty times that I asked to open my record😄.

With the help of the Akashic Records, my life has undergone many positive changes: I started to do fasting, became more spiritual, gained more energy, increased my cognitive abilities, continued with my introspection, and achieved continuous growth.

Throughout this progress, I am becoming firmer in my decisions and gentler in my character. I was able to find the rhythm of life, learning to love others, learning to love myself, learning to be confident, learning to let go, learning to be tolerant, learning to be humble, and learning to see things from a broader perspective…

I have been able to see the essence of many things, I realized that I was very capable, and also realized that everyone else is very capable as well. I knew that my meeting with someone was destined, and I knew that staying together is not easy.

Talking to the Akashic Records is very interesting. Sometimes, because of Yugala’s voice, it’s even more interesting. For example, when she reads out my favorite type of people in terms of a romantic relationship with a voice that is so calm without any rippling emotions, I felt so embarrassed and could really dig a hole into the earth and hide myself in the hole and not come out ever again, hahaha.

Whether it’s the Akashic Records scolding me (there was a time I even called it ‘the Daunting Records’) or encouraging me, criticizing me, praising me, after all, when I turn off the Akashic Records, what I get is always healing.

I know that many things happen because of my past, and I know what I have now is the present. The Akashic Records talk about the present. I also know that the future is in my hands. I can decide how it comes and how it happens.

From the beginning, I would have her read my Akashic Records once a month or even twice a month, to now, reading them once every few months. From the beginning, I kept asking the same question repeatedly and then I started to only go to Akashic Records to seek confirmation, because now I understand that the divine is within my heart…

A thousand words are just a way to say, ‘Thank you, Yugala. Thank you, Akashic Records.’

In the future, please continue to guide me.

Yugala’s Response:

This is the sincerest feedback I’ve ever received from Akashic Records; every word is so sincere and caring.

Only when we are willing to face everything about ourselves and learn to love ourselves, can we truly open the door to healing within the Akashic Records.

Over the years, we have explored topics spanning many different fields, from past lives, business decisions, dream analysis, emotional analysis, personal growth, to universal philosophy.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow with you.

I am grateful for the chance to meet you.

Right now, I want to express my special thanks for your continued support. The sofa seat for every article pushed by the official account is always yours, hahaha!

Look forward to the journey of exploring the Akashic Records in the future!

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